Board, Staff, and Trainers

Roots of Justice, Inc., is led by our Accountability Council, and trainings are conducted by members of a Training Team.

Accountability Council

Michelle Armster, trainer representative, Wichita, Kansas
Joy Flora, treasurer, Dallas, Texas
Regina Moore, Stone Mt, Georgia
Christian Parks, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Yvonne Platts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nick Miron, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Training Team

Michelle Armster, Wichita, Kansas
Phil Morice Brubaker, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Rick Derksen, Seattle, Washington
Calenthia Dowdy, Phildelphia, Pennsylvania
Brenda Zook Friesen, Forest Grove, Oregon
Felipe Hinojosa, College Station, Texas
Nick Miron, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Conrad Moore, Stone Mt, Georgia
Pam Nath, New Orleans, Louisiana
Yvonne Platts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Regina Shands Stoltzfus, Elkhart, Indiana