Council Member Elections

If you consider yourself a supporter or constituent of Roots of  Justice, please take a minute to cast your vote for two new members to our Accountability Council (board). (The poll closes on September 17.)

When the “voiceless” speak

(In response to the disruption of a Bernie Sanders campaign rally by Black Lives Matter activists in Seattle this week.) A phrase I dislike: ‘giving voice to the voiceless.’ I don’t like this because no one is voiceless. Everyone has a voice. When students write that phrase in their papers, I flag it, and comment
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Starting a New Story

by Conrad Moore Ignorance is bliss. White people can decide if and when they want to enter the discussion about systemic racism, or not. We need to go much farther than just conversations about race. It is time to get to the hard work of dismantling institutional racism. The YWCA’s Race Against Racism is merely
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New Independent Lens Documentary

Last week, PBS premiered a new documentary on racism as part of the Independent Lens program. The one-hour film, American Denial, uses the 1944 investigation of Swedish intellectual Gunnar Myrdal into “America’s race problem” as a way to highlight the disconnection between the stated values of US society (it’s citizens as well as its founding documents) and the lived reality of people of
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Is #MuslimLivesMatter a misappropriation?

There is an important conversation going on regarding the hashtag #MuslimLivesMatter. The central questions are: Is this a misappropriation of #BlackLivesMatter, because the Black experience of violence in the U.S. is very particular? Or is this a recognition that Muslims are also treated with violence born of white supremacy? Is the very controversy of #MuslimLivesMatter part of
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“Hands Together” and slogans of white supremacy

The other week I was visiting family in the St. Louis area and drove by a billboard showing two hands, one white and one black, making a heart. The only words were “Hands Together.” I don’t know what group created the billboard, but it seems pretty clearly in response to “Hands up, don’t shoot,” a prominent slogan
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