Images, Aspirations, and Lies We Tell Our Children

We’re pleased to offer the recording of this panel discussion. You can watch here (YouTube) or on Facebook where you can view the running discussion. Here is a list of books recommended by the panelists. Monica Martinez, “The Injustice never leaves you”
 Natalia Molina, “How race is made in America”
 Johanna Fernandez, “the Young Lords:
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Moving From Karen to Committed. A caucus-type panel discussion for female-identified white people who want to work for racial justice.

Moving from “Karen” to Committed

This is the recording of Moving from “Karen” to Committed, part of the RACISM IS REAL Dialogue Series hosted by Roots of Justice. The panel of white, female-identified people discuss how white women have historically benefited from and perpetuate systemic racism — and what we can bring to the current work and conversation. How do we
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front porch conversation 2

Front Porch Conversation II

Picking up from last week, ROJ trainers continued the virtual front porch chat about race, racial justice, policing, and protest.

Will you be one of our supporters?

Will you be one of our supporters?

Hi friends in the struggle, We’re living at a critical time in U.S. history. Besides a public health pandemic, we’re in the middle of a racial uprising that’s been fomenting for years. Civil dialogue, anti-racism workshops, educating, kneeling in protest at football games, all good work but still a lot of systemic refusal to see
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front porch conversation

Porch Conversation I

Last evening, several ROJ trainers had a conversation “on the porch” about what’s going on. We streamed it on Facebook. We’ll probably do this some more in the coming weeks. Stay strong, people!

Anti-asian racism resources

Anti-Asian Racism Resources

Following up from our panel discussion on Anti-Asian Racism and COVID-19, we want to offer this resource list. “Asian Americans, Anti-Blackness, and COVID-19 (Part 1),” Liberated Together “Anti-Asian racism and COVID-19”, Jennifer Ho, 4/8/20, Colorado Arts and Sciences Magazine (UC Boulder) “Federal agencies are doing little about the rise in anti-Asian hate”, Alexia Fernández Campbell
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