Executive Coaching

Support For White Executives and Organizational Leaders

Diverse, antiracist organizations perform better, are more innovative, and have stronger board/staff buy-in. White, non-BIPOC staff face specific challenges as they work to build racial equity into their organizations. How can leaders and managers become part of transformational change in your organization as it becomes more inclusive and anti-racist? How can staff members support antiracism and unlearn white norms which are hampering the organization?

Trainers experienced in leading white caucuses and one-on-one coaching offer supportive, brave spaces for white leaders in order to…

  • Caucus with other executives on how to be an antiracist leader
  • Examine your role as a white executive in the anti- racism process in your organization
  • Study the continuum of how organizations become inclusive
  • Understand white organizational culture and how it can be transformed to become multi-cultural and antiracist
  • Name and address power dynamics
  • Do your own internal work while leading organizational change
  • Bring the specific race equity challenges from your organization; learn from each other
  • Re-imagine accountability

Participants in Executive Coaching will meet as a group for eight 90-minute videoconference sessions over the course of a year. Participation for each cohort is limited to seven in order to maximize engagement.

Fee: $1200 per participant