Is #MuslimLivesMatter a misappropriation?

MuslimKillingsThere is an important conversation going on regarding the hashtag #MuslimLivesMatter. The central questions are:

  • Is this a misappropriation of #BlackLivesMatter, because the Black experience of violence in the U.S. is very particular?
  • Or is this a recognition that Muslims are also treated with violence born of white supremacy?
  • Is the very controversy of #MuslimLivesMatter part of the “divide and rule” aspect of white supremacy, keeping people of color groups pitted against themselves rather than fighting white supremacy collaboratively?
  • Where do Black muslims fit in?
  • If American Muslims had been more centrally involved in the #BlackLivesMatter movement, would the appropriation of #MuslimLivesMatter be different.

I certainly don’t have answers to these, but you can read more about it at these links. I’d also love to hear what others think in the comments. – Some of the comments are also worth reading.

Muslim Anti-Racism Collective

If you are on social media and want to talk about the Chapel Hill murders, consider using #OurThreeWinners, the hashtag chosen by the family of the victims.

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