Pam Nath, PhD

Pam has lived in New Orleans since 2007. She is a member of European Dissent, a group of white people affiliated with People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, who organize for racial justice, motivated by the belief that although racism offers economic, political, and social advantages to white people, ultimately it hurts us all. Pam has a PhD in Counseling & Developmental Psychology from the University of Notre Dame. She has worked as a licensed clinical psychologist, a tenured college professor, a community organizer, a spiritual director and a retreat organizer. Pam is passionate about helping people and organizations who are working for social change to root their efforts in their deepest values.

​Pam enjoys living surrounded by water, by massive oak trees, pelicans, and egrets, and by people who work passionately for a better world and who strive to live in Beloved Community with one another.  You can read more about Pam and her work at her website.

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