White Men: Missing in Action

The Roots of Justice White male trainers and friend, Tobin Miller Shearer, had conversation about the intersections of privilege. Watch it here or over at Facebook.

One viewer, a woman of color, didn’t think she would watch because “no one wants to hear a bunch of clueless, arrogant white men talk about race.” But she did watch, and she had never heard white men show up that way, especially in talks about race: “What made the talk special was that the white men displayed vulnerability, sensitivity, and honesty.”

The promotional description…

We’ll talk about how we are shaped by racism and sexism and what that means for our role in movements for change. We will cover a range of topics as well as audience questions, that will be of interest to white men (and maybe others) who are more recently awakened to racial justice as well as those who are more seasoned. We’ll assume that those listening have a basic understanding of systemic racism.

This conversation is one among many conversations that we have, and it is intentionally just among White men. We do this in the context of accountability to women and People of Color who support this conversation and will let us know when we don’t get it right – and when we do. The goal is to do some hard work among ourselves so that when we join multi-gender and multiracial spaces, we are less likely to act out of internalized superiority.

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