Antiracism Analysis Training

The Antiracism Analysis Training presents foundational understandings for much of what Roots of Justice does. Typically spanning one evening and two full days, for a total of 20 hours, the Analysis Training covers these topics:

  • An exploration of the history of racism and resistance to racism
  • Thinking systemically about communities
  • Racism’s intersections with other forms of oppression
  • Colonialism
  • Defining racism
  • Race as a social construct
  • Racism as a systemic reality
  • White privilege
  • Internalization of racial oppression and superiority
  • Racial and cultural identity
  • Institutions and Institutional racism

Teaching methods include facilitator presentations, small and large group discussion, personal reflection exercises, case studies, video, group exercises, and laughter.

NEW! The ROJ Antiracism Analysis Training is now available as an online workshop!  Even though this prevents the sort of one-one-one connections that happen during an in-person workshop, videoconferencing with a smaller group of people (24 or less) allows for a certain level of intimacy that can be missing from a larger workshop. Online technology allows for even greater flexibility in format: 7 sessions over the course of a weekend, or spread out over a 5-day work week, or even spanning a couple of weekends.

You can learn more about the analysis of racism presented in this workshop by reading the preface to Set Free, and by viewing the short video below.