Fire & Clay

Fire & ClayA spiritual retreat for antiracist white people on internalized racist superiority

These retreats are designed for white antiracists who have attended the Damascus Road Antiracism Analysis Training. Participants seek a deeper understanding of our role as white people within racist institutions in a racist society.

Together, we grapple with issues specific to white antiracists including:

  • internalized racist superiority
  • white privilege
  • accountability to people of color
  • the purpose and process of white caucus groups, both within antiracism teams and as separate entities, including the formation, functioning and accountability of white caucuses
  • other topics depending on the needs and concerns of participants. Several hours of the retreat are designed around Open Space Forums, which allow participants to bring topics that interest them and join with others who share those interests in small group discussions.

Recognizing that racism is a controversial and painful issue, Fire & Clay has been designed to include a delicate balance of challenge and nurture, group time and individual reflection.

Some Details


Fire & Clay retreats are open to white individuals who have attended a Damascus Road Antiracism Analysis Training. Participants do not need to be part of an institutional antiracism team, though team members are especially encouraged to attend. Space is limited for each retreat in order to provide a more intimate setting for our work together.


Each retreat is facilitated by one or two experienced antiracism trainers. Facilitators bring years of experience in antiracism educating and organizing as well as expertise in institutional transformation. Each feels a deep commitment to working with other white people to understand our roles in perpetuating and dismantling racism.


Generally, Fire & Clay retreats are held at a retreat center where participants can join together for meals, evening discussions, and early morning walks throughout the weekend.

Sponsoring Fire & Clay Retreats

If your group would like to sponsor a Fire & Clay Retreat close to home, please review Sponsoring a Workshop. Sponsored events can be limited to members of your group, or open to any interested participants.