Intersectional Analysis

The Intersectional Analysis Training is a two-and-a-half day workshop designed to help participants understand the complex ways that various oppressions intersect and connect. Intersectionality is the study of how society empowers or disempowers people based on the way multiple social locations (race, class, gender, gender identity, etc.) interact. Learn more about intersectionality on our resources page.

Goals and Outcomes

Participants will leave the training with…

  • Increased awareness about oppressions and their intersections.
  • A chance to explore their own identity and relationship to power.
  • Skills to take action to interrupt cycles of oppression in institutions and communities.
  • Resources and practices for healing and sustenance.

Topics Covered

Race, class and gender will each be touched on as participants look at the following topics.

  • The history of “intersectionality” as a topic of study.
  • The cycle of socialization.
  • Social identities.
  • What is oppression?
  • Social identities are socially constructed.
  • Culture of power.
  • Internalizing inferiority and superiority.
  • Oppressions work together.
  • Tools for social change.


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