Participant Comments

From evaluation forms or participant emails 

“My participation in the Workshop on Intersectionality at the Wild Goose Festival in June 2014 was one of the most enlightening and transformative experiences of my life…. During the workshop, I came face to face with the stark realities of oppression that, though not unknown to me, had never come to life for me in such a startling way…. Justice can never be realized if we are afraid to acknowledge the injustice that surrounds us every day, in every setting.” Reverend Dian Griffin Jackson, Pastor of Mt. Zion United Church of Christ (Rockingham, NC), author of The Phoenix-Rising from the Ashes

“I have left [other] antiracism trainings where I felt completely paralyzed. Damascus Road doesn’t soften the information, analysis, and feelings that emerge from effective antiracism trainings, but channels them in appropriate ways.” Philadelphia, February 2008

“I was stretched, uncomfortable; I felt poked and prodded and then relieved, and it was wonderful.” Newton, Kansas, February 2007

“It created spaces where we could get to deep places in our hearts.” Christian Peacemaker Teams, September 2006

“I am so grateful for the experience of attending this Damascus Road [Analysis] training in Dallas. Almost sounds trite to say it, but my life will not be the same, as my eyes have been opened to the hugeness of the problem of racism in the U.S., including my part in it… and from now on I will be able to see and name racist realities around me… and rely on God to strengthen me to act in antiracist ways. Within [my institution] (and beyond), it’s a blessing to have a common language to discuss racism.” Dallas, August 2005

“There was an atmosphere of love and acceptance, while acknowledging the realities of white privilege and racism. The spirit of accusation was absent.” Greenville College, April 2005.

Articles and blog posts by participants:

Jessica Walter, March 2008

Liz Walz, February 2008 (Liz’s reflections also incorporate her participation in a Fire & Clay retreat.)