Roots of Justice can consult with your organization in a variety of capacities, based on what your needs are. (Partial list of clients.) Our facilitators have worked with groups in the following roles.

Executive Coaching for White Leaders

Trainers experienced in leading white caucuses and one-on-one coaching offer supportive, brave spaces for white leaders, staff members, and affinity/caucus groups. Learn more.

Team Resourcing

We can supporting organizational change teams through facilitating team retreats or strategy sessions. A wide range of content areas is possible, either on-site or through phone/video conferencing.


An audit by an outside group can provide a valuable perspective on where your organization stands and how it can move forward. Through surveys, interviews, policy and structure analysis, cultural assessment, and other means, our team will assess your organization with respect to its diversity, inclusion, and equity goals. Audits might be wide-ranging (looking at equity across the entire organization) or more targeted (assessing how well publications or policies are meeting your inclusion goals).

Process Observation and Listening

We can provide outside observers who will pay particular attention to inclusion and equity at conferences and special events. Having individuals designated pay attention to and offer feedback on what was successful or needed more work can lead to a more inclusive event and strengthen inclusion at future events.

In more fraught circumstances where tension between groups already runs high, our skilled listeners can help ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.