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Roots of Justice offers a variety of workshops, retreats, and other products. We work with sponsoring groups to make sure that your workshop best fits the needs of your organization.

Some workshops, in particular the ROJ Antiracism Analysis Training, can be done as a virtual workshop.

ROJ Antiracism Process

The ROJ Antiracism Process (formerly “Damascus Road”) is a process for teams who are working to dismantle racism within their institution or community. While designed for teams, individuals can also attend the primary workshop, the Antiracism Analysis Training. Other workshops in the Antiracism Process focus on team organizing and educating/communicating.

NEW! The ROJ Antiracism Analysis Training is now available as an online workshop!  Even though this prevents the sort of one-one-one connections that happen during an in-person workshop, videoconferencing with a smaller group of people (24 or less) allows for a certain level of intimacy that can be missing from a larger workshop. Online technology allows for even greater flexibility in format: 7 sessions over the course of a weekend, or spread out over a 5-day work week, or even spanning a couple of weekends.

Set Free

Set Free

Set Free is a retreat for People of Color who want to explore the ways that they have individually and collectively internalized the lies of racism (internalized racist oppression). Participants examine history and the present as a way to expose the myth of racial inferiority and lead toward healing and wholeness.

Fire & Clay

Fire & Clay

Fire & Clay is a retreat for White People (those who receive racial privilege) who have already participated in an Antiracism Analysis Training and want to explore the ways that they have individually and collectively internalized the lies of racism (internalized racist superiority).

Custom Workshops

If our standardized workshops and retreats don’t fit the needs of your organization, contact us to describe what you are looking for. We will work with you to determine how we can be a part of your anti-oppression initiative. Some examples of shorter workshops our team of facilitators have done in the past are:

  • Power Analysis Training
  • Introduction to Antiracism and White Privilege
  • Organizational Culture Workshop
  • Process-Observer Training (to develop skills as observers/listeners)
  • Introduction to Intersectional Analysis
  • Mobilizing Across the Intersections